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Karma's new Ergo 115 is equipped with the Unique S-Ergo

 (Smart Ergo) S shaped seat. 

The S-Ergo design was developed over two years, after 

extensive testing by Karma's Research and Development 

Department. The result is leap forward in wheelchair design.


In addition to the S-Ergo seating system the Ergo 115 also has 

seat upholstery and pads treated with Aegis microbe shield, to reduce stains and odor.


The streamline oval tubes not only make the wheelchair look great but also add to the strength of the wheelchair structure, Which is incredibly light. 


Made from aircraft aluminum frame breaks down to just 8kg

Smart Ergo seat               S-Ergo seat Provides     Traditional seat                Stylish oval-shaped        Mesh backrest
                                      pressure relief,            (High risk of causing        tubes                             upholstery
                                      stabilization  and          decubitus ulcers because
                                      reduced sliding            of pressure points)
What is S-Ergo (SMART ERGO, intelligent S-shape seating system)?


Traditional seat
(High risk of causing decubitus ulcers because of pressure points)

Throughout its history, the traditional wheelchair seat has not changed much.  Its flat shape yields pressure points and causes users to slide around easily.  This basic design has almost been assumed as the only possibility for wheelchair seating.

However, our bottom has a natural s-shaped curve.  To force a naturally curved shape onto a flat manmade seat is the main cause of pressure sores a.k.a. decubitus ulcers.  To overcome this dilemma, Karma¡¦s R&D team started developing the S-Ergo System.  S-Ergo was developed based on the ergonomic perspective.  It took two years of development with thousands of computer simulation and therapists¡¦ recommendations.  S-Ergo can provide sound pressure relief according to tests using pressure map measuring equipment.  The S-Ergo System can offer significant pressure relief and therefore reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers.  

S-Ergo also provides the user great stability and reduces sliding.  S-Ergo is the wave of the future.

Provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduced sliding


S-Ergo seat provides pressure relief and prevents slippage
   1. Outrigger arms minimize the overall width of the wheelchair
   2. Aegis Microbe Shield permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier
upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from  

    bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms

  3. Wide armpads provide extra support
  4.Tube in center footrest hanger provides support for the leg and 

     allows user to relax thigh muscles
  5.Aircraft grade aluminum frame breaks down to just 8kg
  6.Detachable swing in/out footrest hangers


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