ALL POWER America APG3004A 1000 W Watt Generator, 2 Stroke


APG-3004A 1000W Generator, 2 Stroke
  • Advanced technology and dependable quality@
  • Lightweight, compact size, weighs 44lbs (20Kg)@
  • Runs lights, coffee makers or small tools at campsite, cabin, or job site
  • Attached rubber feet reduce vibrations and crawling
  • Circuit breaker protects generator and equipment from overload
  • Air-cooled 2 stroke engine
  • 1.2 gallon (4.5liters) tank capacity
  • Runs 8.5 hours at 1/2 load on 1.2 gallons of fuel
  • Delivers 1000 watts surge, 800 watts continuous
  • Integrated 12v, 15peak amp DC, trickle charge, battery charger complete with cables, 12V DC output
  • Rated voltage: 115v, 60Hz, 6.5amp
  • Noise level less than 68dB
  • Dimension: 15"x12"x14" (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 44 lbs
    • One Year/1000 hr warranty for Residential
    • Three-Month/1000hr warranty for Commercial

    Comes with EPA approve
    Don't for sale in California !!

Owner's Manual

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